Letter: Voter fraud simply happened

Editor's note: The following letter was intended as a satire. 

To the Editor:

The liberals keep claiming that widespread voter fraud did not occur in the last election. I, however, know that it most certainly did occur, because my president told me so. According to the liberals, in-person voter fraud is “too difficult” to commit for it to occur in large numbers. I know better than that. The liberals are crafty, I have to give them that. Here is what must have gone down: Somehow George Soros, or MoveOn.org, or some other liberal front group obtained the list of the millions of people who are deceased but remain on the voting rolls. Then they contacted all the illegals (they have their networks) and had them sign in to a newly created website where they were then assigned the name and address of a dead person from their district. The predominantly Spanish-speaking illegals then memorized the name and address of whomever they were impersonating, went to their local polling station, and voted in that person’s name. Simple. Just repeat 3-5 million times and there you have it — massive voter fraud. Not so difficult when you think about it.

Francis Flaherty