Letter: Vote to keep our town and schools moving forward

To the Editor:

Participants at the Town Meeting on Monday evening voted convincingly that the town budget and the school budget be moved to referendum without modification. Voters in our town decide on Tuesday, May 9, whether to fund a 1.92% tax increase — less than the current rate of inflation — to keep our town and schools moving forward.   

Ridgefield is a wonderful place to live. We have great schools, a beautiful Main Street, theaters, museums, community centers, and parks. There is a steady stream of families who want to live here and join our stable community. Our schools support our children as they embark on the journey of self-discovery and growth to be their best selves. It is in this context, I ask for your support as we navigate in these uncertain times.

Please make your voice heard and vote to support these budgets to ensure we provide quality services and education for the residents of Ridgefield.  

Frances Walton

Chair, Board of Education