Letter: Vote ‘Yes’ for brewery food trucks

To the Editor:

Nod Hill Brewery would like to express the deepest appreciation to the signers of our petition to request the Town of Ridgefield to allow us to host food trucks at our brewery.

The final stage of this process will be a Public Hearing at 7:30 p.m. on July 25 at Ridgefield Town Hall. At the hearing you can express your opinion on this issue, and those of you that are registered voters in Ridgefield can vote on the acceptance of the petition.

To all those who signed our petition, we’d love to say job well done and we are ready to go with the food trucks, but we need you at this one last meeting, To those residents who did not get a chance to be a part of the petition process to date, you can still participate by coming to the hearing and voting ‘Yes!’

Whether or not we can host food trucks depends on your vote.

Please come out and support us on July 25 if you'd like to see food trucks at Nod Hill Brewery — your vote counts!

David Kaye

Nod Hill Brewery, June 28