Letter: Voice your displeasure to the justice department

To the Editor:

The Department of Justice is asking for identification of some 1.3 million people who went to the site that helped organize a protest on the day of President Trump’s inauguration. I didn’t visit it, wish I had, because the DOJ is unaware that I’m concerned with the unbelievable conduct of this would-be President. If they’re taking names and making lists I demand to be on them! I just visited disruptj20.org to make sure my name, better late than never, may be taken too.

While the Danish King’s Jewish star of WW2 is a myth, we can make something similar real. Visit www.disruptj20.org to get on a list and show your displeasure with our little Père Ubu’s DOJ, and maybe drop some cash to help with their new legal fees.

Let’s keep America sane and free.

Bil Mikulewicz  

Wilton Road West, Aug. 15