Letter: Using common sense in a scorching political season

To the Editor: 

I have been an unaffiliated voter all my voting life. Consistently, my votes have been cast for candidates without consideration of political party. In the past, my vote for John Frey was based on common sense.

To date, this is what I know. John Frey has served Ridgefield residents well. Over the years John has steadily climbed the political ranks in Hartford. This has given his voice and presence more weight (pun) in those hallowed chambers. This can only be good for Ridgefielders.

I know absolutely nothing about John’s opponent. That’s not my fault. Nor do I believe it is my job to go out of my way to find out. I have not been invited to any events where Mr Frey’s opponent has spoken and there haven’t been any debates as yet. So, on one hand I have Mr Frey’s record, on the other hand, I have nothing.

There is a lot of understandable political emotion in the air this year. Much of it is based on the president’s behavior.  

Personally, I can’t stand the man and may or may not like his “policies” but I view those feelings irrelevant to Mr. Frey’s continued representation.

A bit of amusement for me was reading the half page Ridgefield Press article a few weeks ago when it was breathlessly revealed that Mr. Frey’s endorsement by the Independent Party was not Ridgefield’s defunct Independent Party, rather it was the active CT Independent Party. And I thought to myself, why in the world would a candidate seek the endorsement of a defunct political party? It escapes me but it does say something about Mr. Frey’s common sense.

For the moment, that common sense is good enough for me.

Jan Rifkinson

New Road, Sept. 28