Letter: Useless gun laws don’t work

To the Editor:

Is it true? Do 97% of 300 million people really support expanded checks? That would be an astounding number in a nation that hasn’t been so polarized and divided in 120 years. Ninety-nine out of a 100 Americans wouldn’t agree on the weather.

Even though the poll is totally wrong. A poll conducted found that if expanded checks were implemented 48% polled it would not do anything to prevent crime or shootings. As i said before Bloomberg and his MAIG organization used data from far left organizations and politicians that also lie about gun issues. Now just for the record the Texas shooter Devin Kelly was arrested several times and the Air Force failed to notify NICS to block him from buying guns. The Florida shooter Nicolas Cruz was visited 39 times by police and the FBI and never was arrested for domestic battery. Why you ask? He fell under the Promise act instituted by Obama. The act protected him from arrest. He should have been arrested and logged in to NICS. The Columbine shooter was a straw buy and no arrests there either; the buyer, his girlfriend, was not arrested. The Florida nightclub shooter was being watched by Homeland Security and nothing flagged his purchase.

So you see, pass all the laws and do all the polls you want; it only restricts honest law abiding gun owners as I always explain and it falls on deaf ears. So if it makes you feel better with your polls and useless gun laws that don't work, you better figure out a way to stop this without polls and useless gun laws. Reason being gun laws don't work and that is a fact. Maybe people should listen to the facts and people that actually know how to stop it.

Tom Falconieri Sr.

367 Limestone Road, June 17