Letter: Unsupportable letter of support

To the Editor:

I feel compelled to respond to a letter that was written to Planning and Zoning in support of the RWC.

Our neighborhood did not pool our money together to purchase the property a few years ago because we never imagined a commercial project like the RWC would be allowed. A $2 million asking price is not something a few neighbors can pool together. That comment is absurd. This is RAAA zoned land, so we thought two houses would be built there.

We never stated that our children play in the street. Yes, our children will ride their bikes, people walk, run, walk their dogs, etc. Our children also walk to and from their school bus stops on these roads. I am sorry you have not witnessed this with your own eyes, the two times a day you drive back and forth from work on our neighborhood roads, any of these actions. It does not mean it doesn’t happen.

What scare tactics have we used? We have clearly stated facts.

Yes, at times comments can be emotional, but it is due to misleading comments made by RWC supporters. We are just trying to shed light on the misleading nature of those comments.

You are entitled to your opinion, but I have to wonder, would you still support the RWC if it was being built literally in your backyard?

Jennifer Hansen

Old South Salem Road, Sept. 23