Letter: Understanding the Second Amendment

To the Editor:

While there has been a considerable amount of emotion behind the recent incident in Parkland it is equally important to recognize reason in this gun control debate. Paramount actually.

The Second Amendment is not open for debate; however, it is open for interpretation. “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” That doesn’t mean if you don’t like someone owning guns you have the ability to usurp their Right to own one. However in the scope of the NRA and their desire for gun safety and responsible gun ownership they are simply supporting people and their right to own guns of their choosing. The quantity, firepower, and access has been debated with no sensible solutions, to what really isn’t even a problem. The core consideration is the responsibility and sanity of the gun owner, and their intent in its use.  People who fear guns likely aren’t around them much.

Security and safety are at the heart of this issue. We are often called the safest town in America. I love living here and this badge of honor. Our children are provided wonderful education by leading educators and they are excellent models for our children. We should however ask that our school’s safety measures be reinforced or made better if we feel such a threat exists here. The only way to respond to this is with a plan.

The correct response to this is a measured thoughtful and respectful discussion. We should look at the dramatic rise of ostracization our kids feel, the SSRI medications they are on and improving safety. What are your criteria for determining who has a right to own a gun (note: everyone)? Your choice to not own one, does not have a precedence over mine.

Robert Cousins

Circle Drive, Feb. 26