Letter: Truth, not smears

To the Editor:

Walter Slavin’s letter of July 6 is so full of distortions and smears that it demands a response.  Susan Collins has never been considered a conservative Republican. Steve Bannon is certainly an anti-leftist conservative, but radical? Like Antifa that physically assaults people? Or groups that burn and destroy? Obviously a smear. Calling Jeff Sessions a white-supremacist is repugnant given his 1984 prosecution of a black candidate who was caught altering mail-in votes in his own favor over a black “people’s choice” candidate who had worked tirelessly to get out the rural black vote. Twisted facts to smear a good man.

“Obamacare … troubles are exaggerated.” Really? Over 1370 counties now have only one health insurance offering and some already have none. The best hospitals are usually not included, like Sloan Kettering, from A.C.A. plans, and premiums have skyrocketed.

So Republicans want to save money by taking it away from those suffering poverty? In reality they want to 1) issue block grants for Medicaid to the states to manage their own Medicaid programs and 2) reduce taxes (and regulations) so more capital is available to expand or fund new business, providing jobs for able-bodied adults. It is a disgrace that about 22% of our population is in poverty, but redistributing wealth from the middle class and above (the Democrat formula) hasn’t reduced poverty in 50 years. Rising out of poverty starts with low-wage jobs offering the first rung up that economic ladder.

Conservative Republicans want to see a free market in health insurance, not government manipulation and bureaucrats who think they know what’s best for us. We want choices based on what we think is best for us individually. Health Savings Accounts, walk-in clinics, health care cooperatives, catastrophic policies, are all viable possibilities if we were only free from the fed’s grip.

Linda Lavelle