Letter: Trump’s asylum

To the Editor:
It’s March Madness Week in the USA, and I don’t mean college basketball. Our American Fuhrer Donald Trump is at it again, with his usual stupid quotes, attacks on our honored heros, dead and alive, insane authoritarian inflammatory rhetoric, continued support for totalitarian dictators whom he “loves” and his usual cry-baby self when he doesn’t get what he wants.
Simply put, he’s a loser in business, marriage, intelligence, and as our president. 
Under his administration, our government is in chaos. However, the worst is that Trump exhibits classic narcissistic mental health disorder traits as defined by the American Psychiatric Association — “a need for excessive admiration; preoccupation with fantasies of brilliance, power and success; and a sense of being special.” 
At the end of WWII, when Germany was in chaos, an OSS agent watching Berlin being destroyed by allied bombing asked a Berliner, “Why does an entire nation choose to commit suicide for the sake of one lunatic?” The Berliner threw up his hands and said, “It’s difficult to get the lunatic certified. He happens to be the director of the asylum.”
PA Torzilli
Old Sib Road, March 23