Letter: Trump, Goebbels comparison exacerbates political dissension

To the Editor:
In response to PA Torzilli’s letter to The Press dated May 5, 2019, I would offer the following: All Americans agree that the political climate in this country is heated. Your letter comparing the president to Joseph Goebbels of Nazi Germany is historically inaccurate, inflammatory, and quite frankly a tired comparison. This kind of language does nothing to bridge the gap between citizens that may agree with some of the president’s policies and those that disagree with his positions. Let’s have a friendly debate, by all means!
We all need to respect each other’s rights to our own opinions. Debating in the public forum and the free exchange of ideas is what America (and Ridgefield) is all about. The minute you yell, “Nazi!” you have lost the argument. Do you think Benjamin Netanyahu thinks Trump is a Nazi? I would argue he does not.
I also fault The Press for publishing this letter. This kind of inflammatory babble should not be published at all. What is the objective for publishing this opinion? To further divide the citizens in Ridgefield? Is that what we really need?
David Pope
Aspen Mill Road, May 10