Letter: Trucks destroy morning peace

To the Editor:
As I sat on my deck trying to enjoy the morning with a cup of coffee, the peaceful time was interrupted by the constant roar of construction trucks racing up and down Bennett's Farm Road or Limestone Road. Thanks to what I perceive, as do many others the over-development going on in Ridgefield at the present time. I am sure the same is happening on many other roads in Ridgefield.
We all know that speeding is an issue on our roads, and the police can not be everywhere. But it is especially dangerous when dealing with large construction trucks, who seem to have no regard for the 25 mph signs.
Then we shift the scene to Main Street. Sitting and having a cup of coffee on a pleasant morning, and we are engulfed by the roar of the trucks and their emissions. I did an unscientific count one the day, and for every 10 vehicles, three were large trucks, and that’s not counting mid-sized commercial vehicles. We know that many of these trucks are not making deliveries in Ridgefield, but are using it as pass through to 7.
What can the town do? Firstly, many neighborhood organizations have been formed to protect their neighborhoods. I hope they will hold zoning officials feet to the fire on over-development when they are up for election. The town can do more by working with the state to have more trucks stopped on 35 as they come into town. They can check for overweight vehicles as well as ensure they are complying other legal requirements. All elected official and residents should be working to ensure that Ridgefield stays a people-friendly town and does not become an over trafficked and overbuilt city.
Dick Moccia
Ridgefield, June 5