Letter: Tree Committee needs your help

To the Editor:

The Ridgefield Tree Committee seeks assistance from interested town residents in accomplishing two initiatives.

First: the upcoming project to renovate Main Street traffic pattern/turn lanes/parking etc. will necessitate a new plan for sidewalk planting areas, including shrubs and ground covers.

If you are interested in assisting with the design and appropriate selections for the planting areas on Main Street, the Tree Committee announces the formation of a Main Street Beautification subcommittee, which will gather for its first meeting at Town Hall on the morning of Saturday Feb. 2, 2019.

Second: the Tree Committee would like to update the “Ridgefield’s Notable Trees” booklet (last published in 2010).

Unfortunately, several of the 23 trees featured in the book — some of which were also listed as State Notable Trees by the Connecticut Botanical Society — have died and/or been removed.

Ridgefield’s Tree Committee would like to hear from residents who want to nominate specific trees that they believe would qualify for inclusion in the upcoming edition. We seek a variety of species of notable age or size, including both indigenous and unusual trees. We endeavor to include notable trees in all areas of the town, especially those trees that can easily be admired by pedestrians.

To be included, the tree should be in a public place — or at least visible from a public road — so that residents and other tree lovers can appreciate the natural beauty of these trees without infringing on anyone’s private property.

To suggest a specific tree (anywhere in the town of Ridgefield) please contact the Tree Committee.

Anyone wishing to communicate us can write to the Ridgefield Tree Committee at Town Hall, 400 Main Street, or call the Tree Warden's office at: 203-431-2358.

John Pinchbeck and Tom McManus

Ridgefield Tree Committee, Dec. 16