Letter: Traffic, noise should be enough to sink proposed skating rink

To the Editor:

I live about one mile from the intended “private club” skating rink.

Our family chose our home and our neighborhood for its tranquility and serene beauty. Our roads are quiet, our kids can ride their bikes safely, we walk our dogs and chat in the street, we listen to crickets and birds when we sit outside, we get to/from work and our daily chores without many obstacles. I see this all ending if construction of this facility goes forward.

Anyone who has ever experienced a large sports training facility knows about the traffic that affects all potential routes during peak practice and game times — congestion, noise and a lot of frustration. For a skating rink, peak times are early in the morning before school and afternoon into late evening, just when commuters are already jamming things up and competing for the same roads.  

With 275 family members, this means a lot of people and a lot of cars resulting in traffic jams, honking horns and unsafe driving by rushing parents, not to mention the inability to get into and out of our homes because we are blocked by “club” traffic.

Not only will the noise feel like we are in a city, our children will not be safe on their bikes, it won’t be safe to walk our dogs; runners and bikers beware, because there won’t be room on the roads for you. Life as we know it will change and it won’t be for the better.

I want to maintain the ease of living that my family and I have enjoyed in our house; I want to be able to listen to the crickets in my woods at night and the frogs in our vernal pond in the spring. It is for these reasons I do not want a private club sports facility in my lovely residential neighborhood.

Mira Jensen

Marshall Road, Aug. 6