Letter: Town hall tree money can be used elsewhere

To the Editor:

I walked into the town hall today to buy a dump permit. Judging by the terrible risk the town hall elms pose to life and limb — and the town’s determination to spend $175,000 removing them, I had expected yellow caution tape, hard hat warnings, reinforced concrete supporting leaning walls, signs directing me to enter via the back and worried municipal staff talking to angry union reps about their perilous workplace in the shadow of these tottering giants. But no, everything was beautiful. The flag fluttered in the breeze.

I spoke to two very kind staff who know absolutely nothing about the trees’ demise this month and were shocked and saddened to learn about it.

Ridgefield looks to be lacking ways to sensibly spend $175,000. So here is my suggestion. Large sections of Wilton Road East are pot-holed and lack road markings. Why not do that instead?

Nicholas Alexander

Morganti Court, July 2