Letter: Too much space for anti-Trump vitriol

To the Editor:

The Thursday, Jan.18, 2018, issue of The Ridgefield Press had a half page article on the Women’s March whose supporters spewed their usual anti-Trump vitriol. The article, in my humble opinion, was much too long but may I suggest that this was deliberate in order to highlight the anti-Trump bias of The Press.

The quotes printed revealed some ridiculous notions such as “the majority of the country does not share the values of our president, which seem to be gluttony, white supremacy and misogyny.”  

Gluttony, really? White supremacy, really? Misogyny, really?

If you really believe this, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you! Saying “the majority of the country” does not share these values is correct because these are not the president’s values or of the majority of his constituency!  

The MSM (mainstream media) seems to be dedicated to the ‘Big Lie’ school of Goebbels. Repeat it often enough, and gullible people will believe it.

In regard to John Katz’s letter, the alleged term that Trump used has not been substantiated (the only evidence is word of mouth). So Mr. Katz should come down from his high horse and get rid of his holier than thou attitude and be embarrassed about his accepting allegations as truth!

Let me also remind the Trump critics that the economic surge we are experiencing is due to Trump. The stock market is up trillions, enhancing retirement plans, unemployment of all — including minorities — is at its lowest in years.

If any of you anti-Trumps really are so morally outraged by him and his actions, please take your ill-gotten gains and donate them to the Republican National Committee!

In closing, your paper failed to mention anything about the March For Life which also occurred last week. Was this accidental or deliberate?

May I suggest that The Ridgefield Press attempt to be more evenhanded in its reporting.

Francis Cakavell

Barrack Hill Road, Jan. 22