Letter: Tolls will add to traffic strangulation

To the Editor:
Gov. Lamont just revealed, despite a campaign promise to the contrary, that he will support the imposition of tolls on all cars, as well as trucks. If Democrats have their way, we’ll shortly see the installation of toll booths on all major roads in the state. One party rule in this state is a really smelly idea, and this is just the beginning of learning how much it’s going to stink.
It should not go unnoticed that town Democratic officials, including our first selectman, were complicit in this result. Too bad. Mr. Marconi has the potential of being one of the best political leaders in our state. However, it appears that his party may not have anticipated the likelihood that tolls will lead savvy drivers to a “short cut” through a town whose two major arteries are single-lane and already strangulated. No matter what, we’ll likely pay more every time we drive to shop five exits down I-84. Next time you see a Democrat, make sure to thank them for all the creative budgetary thought they applied in saving our sorry state from further taxes and flight. We’re the voters, we made the choice, do we deserve what we get?
John Tartaglia
Danbury Road, Feb. 17