Letter: Tolls mean more bureaucracy, taxes

To the Editor:

We have lived with traffic congestion caused by lane closures on the never ending Route 35 Bridge project. This fiasco reminds me of the WWII novel,  “A Bridge Too Far,” considering the length of time it has taken to build this bridge.

For the DOT, this was a “Bridge Too Far.” This project is only one example of their incompetence. We know our roads are in disrepair, despite the DOT’s billion dollar budgets. So what is answer from the Malloy administration? Tolls!     

Make no mistake. A toll is a new tax. Not only tolls, but a new autonomous authority to oversee the administration of the system. More bureaucracy. Once these taxpayer dollars are collected, the DOT who has a history of corruption, mismanagement, and incompetence will have billions of dollars at its disposal. Do we have confidence that they can manage any project?    

Look at Route 84 heading north. How long have they been working on it? The strangle point at Waterbury, that backs up traffic for miles is an example of never ending construction. How many of us have been backed up on the parkway with four large trucks with blinking arrows, miles ahead of the work site?   

Then when we get to the project, two men are working. We know when we see the orange cones ahead, which have now become the Connecticut state flower, as they seem to bloom  everywhere, we are going to sit for a while.

There never seems to be coordination, or oversight, on any project, big or small. I am not saying that work should not be done, what I suggest is that there be accountability, and the word that  is missing from the DOT nomenclature. Management.

We do not need tolls, we do not need another government department, we need an overhaul of the current DOT, which hopefully a new governor and legislature will set as a priority.

Dick Moccia

Highcliff Terrace, April 29