Letter: Toll manipulation

To the Editor:
I was greatly comforted by the letter from a man who appears to be a right honorable senior member of the local Democratic Party defending the Democrats’ policy decision to install tolls on CT highways. As should we all, since we are now ruled by them alone.
Never mind that they just fill a budget hole created by pension and benefits liabilities to big labor. The Democrats will only charge us $1.49. They’ll even consider discounts of $0.20 per trip to every state driver who drives around at before dawn or after dusk (“off peak”) or those who “commute.”
But wait, there’s more! The Democrats will only be installing five “gantries” between here and Waterbury, the first east of Route 7. This way, Ridgefielders driving east to Federal Road to shop will only pay one toll twice. “By-passing” will only trouble our neighbors in Danbury, at exits 1 and 2. Mr. D also assures us that the Democrats’ plan is well thought out: there’s a “non-linear” effect between “bumper to bumper” traffic and tolls; tolls cause traffic “to move more smoothly” and lead to “less pollution.” As to anyone who disagrees, Mr. D tells us that they can only be compared to “those that believe global warming is a hoax.”
“Scare” means “to cause exaggerated or irrational fear.” Democrats are big on “phobia” buzzwords lately. They are part of a false dialectic used to manipulate, and for power. But don’t panic, we’re in the hands of the Democratic Party, they’re here to help. Tolls are good for the people, more tolls!
John Tartaglia
Danbury Road, March 3