Letter: To support Playhouse, vote yes at referendum

To the Editor:

I am writing to voice my support on the May 15 vote to support the referendum to move the Ridgefield Board of Education and renovation of the Venus building. In addition to providing the Board of Education with more space and needed improvements, this move also paves the way for the Ridgefield Playhouse to grow and expand.

By expanding into the freed-up Board of Education space, the Playhouse will bring an even better overall experience to everyone who walks through its doors. Plans are in hand for an overall expansion of the Playhouse, including substantial expansion of the lobby, dressing rooms, creation of a private VIP room and much-needed stage upgrades. With the new space will also come additional jobs to support the already talented and dynamic Playhouse staff.  

As one of the top economic generators for our town, the Playhouse will continue to entertain and educate more than 100,000 people each year. People who come to the Playhouse actively support our local businesses and ensure that the Playhouse can continue its support of so many local non-profits, students and schools.

Please help us continue to support and grow the Ridgefield Playhouse and small businesses in our town by voting Yes on the upcoming May 15 Board of Education referendum.

Eric Freidenrich

Ridgefield Playhouse board member

Ridgefield, May 6