Letter: To my ‘progressive’ friends and neighbors

To the Editor:

You remained silent as the previous administration ran guns to Mexican drug lords, and these guns have been used to kill hundreds. When the IRS abused its authority to persecute your political enemies, there was no protest from you. Wiretapping is also okay as long as the targets are your political enemies.

You promised that all you really wanted was a right to abortion, but now you support laws which force me, over my moral objection, to pay for it.

You said you wanted privacy in the bedroom, but now you want to advertise every permutation and combination which occurs therein, and if I fail to give it all a good housekeeping seal of approval, you accuse me of hatred and bigotry and want to send me to jail.

And now you come insisting that everyone’s second amendment rights be taken away.

Sorry, but I don’t trust you, because you have proven over and over again to be untrustworthy.  

Ray Martin

Marshall Road, Feb. 24