Letter: Time to take a stand

To the Editor:

In the past 20 years, Ridgefield has changed. It was the last bucolic New England town in Fairfield County. Although it still has a New England feel and is a great place to raise a family, we have lost much of our boutique retail businesses on Main Street, we have been forced to accept more dense housing, we have seen almost every available space fill with housing or businesses, and we have seen traffic become a major problem. As all available space to build is disappearing, developers will continue to choose inappropriate places to build what they want.  Our regulations have too much latitude — forcing the Planning and Zoning Commission to decide what should and should not be built. We are forced to cross our fingers and rely on P&Z to protect residential zones. We are forced to spend our money to prove how certain projects do not belong. We shouldn’t have to.

The regulations need to be changed to protect residential zones from the encroachment of deep-pocketed developers. We have developers throughout our town officials. If regulations are not amended, every neighborhood will need to form an alliance to protect the lives they have built — first it was West Mountain Road, then it was Peaceable Street, next it might be Westmoreland. We need to put a stop to this because the developers and planners want us to grow, and we can’t grow more land.

Jenn Hansen

Old South Salem Road, Oct. 2