Letter: Time to lift our heads out of the sand

Let’s hope our planning and zoning commissioners have stopped believing the reports of “experts” and believe their own eyes. Every traffic report with every new project shows “no appreciable increase in traffic.”  

Sadly, I can get to the Merritt in Stamford faster than I can get to Route 7 and 35. Maybe the experts are right about an individual project but the cumulative effect of all of the new multi-family housing and development is apparent.  

As Selectman Steve Zemo and our other developers load the docket with new 8-30g proposals, all of Ridgefield pays the price.

How can we believe experts when we pay them to under-predict the size of future school populations each year? Are we all naïve enough to believe Bud Brown that traffic won’t be an issue if he puts a 275-family member club in SW Ridgefield? Should we believe his experts that sound and light will magically stop at the property line? Should we believe that a landscaping business that’s barely in operation would use twice the amount of water than the club?  

What I don’t need an expert for is to figure out that Bud and his investors will not be able to keep both his recently bought Sono Ice House (South Norwalk’s indoor ice rink) and the Ridgefield Winter Club financially viable.  

He’ll have to choose which programs he moves to the other facility. The league play and tournaments that he says he’ll have in Sono instead of Ridgefield will have to move to the Winter Club to keep it afloat. He’ll also have to put the Winter Garden out of business if he’s going to be successful.  

We have a lot to lose if we put our heads in the sand and believe Bud.

Jeff Hansen

Old South Salem Road, Aug. 7