Letter: Time to govern, not campaign

To the Editor:
During the fall campaign, the chairman of the Democratic Town Committee intentionally distorted not only my record, but even my physical appearance. Current and former elected Democrats, as well as some town committee members, found the attacks so distasteful they crossed party lines and voted for me. The personal and polarizing attacks continue. Mouthing the same non-factual, twisted campaign rhetoric now does not make it any more palatable to all the people of Ridgefield that I am honored to represent.
Last Monday, while I was engaged with Ridgefield constituents on critical issues of school regionalization, taxing groceries, a statewide vehicle and property tax, and taxes on prescription medicines — all matters that I vehemently oppose — the DTC chair took to social media in an effort to distract from these crushing proposals that many in his party endorse and attacked me. Rather than respond to him that day, I took the time to deal with the 17 people who contacted me about the 8-30g affordable housing regulations that would negatively impact our town and which I'm attempting to modify.
He has been notably silent on these issues.
There is a time for campaigning, which leads to elections. Afterwards, it is time to govern. Part of that is accepting the will of the electorate. I’m doing just that in meeting with Governor Lamont this week. My responsibility to the residents of Ridgefield is to work on their behalf to make Connecticut a better place.
Mr. Harris has yet to realize that the campaign is over and it is now time to govern. I ask Mr. Harris to join in that effort.
John Frey
Wilton Road West, Feb. 11