Letter: Thrift Shop goes beyond grants

To the Editor:
The $500,000 in grants recently distributed by the Ridgefield Thrift Shop (RTS) is just a small part of the tremendous gift the Ridgefield Thrift Shop has given to Ridgefield since 1937.
There is a reason shoppers line up to get into the store every day. And it starts with the RTS volunteers. Every volunteer is committed to the store, from volunteers who have been with RTS for 30+ years, to new volunteers who commit hours each and every month. And it shows. The volunteers care about their work, but they also care about each other through good times and bad.
What a shopper sees in the RTS is just a small part of what goes into keeping the store the amazing place it is. The process of sorting mountains of donations and determining prices is no easy task. In our affluent town it is easy to think everyone has money, but the truth is there are people in Ridgefield and surrounding areas that are in need. The RTS affords people the opportunity to buy quality, affordable merchandise with dignity. No small task.
It’s time to thank the Ridgefield Thrift Shop for the overwhelming contributions, seen and unseen. The grants are extraordinary, but the service the RTS provides goes far beyond the grants, and that needs to be celebrated.
Nancy Hirsh
Ridgefield, March 23