Letter: Thievery and trespassing

To the Editor:

Opposition to the proposed outdoor ice rink on Peaceable Street seems to be growing judging by the numerous lawn signs reading “No Ice Rink on Peaceable” that are sprouting up all over town. This expression of public discontent is apparently quite galling to the supporters of this proposed private hockey club because these supporters are now stealing some of these very lawn signs.

One resident had an eight-foot banner stolen right off her split-rail fence. Perhaps it might be stating the obvious but coming onto someone’s front lawn to steal their property is both larceny and trespassing, both misdemeanor crimes in Connecticut.

Several residents have already filed reports with the Ridgefield Police.

Apparently, the supporters of this hockey club are now perpetrating crimes against the residents of Ridgefield. A club supported by thieves and trespassers doesn’t belong in any neighborhood. Would you want such a club supported by such people next to your house? I think not. If this criminal behavior and intimidation by theft concerns you, perhaps you can show your support for those who actually care about their community and their fellow neighbors by putting up a “No Ice Rink” lawn sign.

Kay Choo

Peaceable Street, Aug. 16