Letter: There is no such thing as a routine call for police officers

To the Editor:

In the past months we have seen many vigils and marches for various causes, both nationally and locally. Some worthwhile. We have also seen many protests, I use the term lightly as they are often riots. There are several common denominators attached to these riots. There will be physical damage, harassment of peaceful assemblies, a few arrests.

We never know if there are any convictions, and the ACLU will complain about overzealous police. The media will report that some police were injured, it is usually a sidebar to the reporting. But, if any demonstrator is hurt in the melees they started, it is very prominent in the reporting by the media. We all know that the men and women who wear the uniform have been under attack from various governmental agencies and groups, such as Black Lives matter, remember their chants, “What do we want? Dead Cops.”  

In thinking about all of these issues, I did some research, in the first 90 days of the year 32 Law Enforcement officers have lost their lives, that is better than one every 3 days. Men and women doing their job, facing danger, not asking for anything but respect. They never know what they might be facing in responding to a call. In my dealings with various police departments, I learned one thing from them, there is no such thing as a routine call.  

Perhaps, we in Ridgefield, can join together to have a vigil for those officers who either died or were injured, and show support for those who are still on the job.   

It is not the most we can do, it is the least.

Dick Moccia