Letter: ‘Then they came for the children …’

To the Editor:

To paraphrase the poem written by the late Martin Niemoller, “Then they came for the children and we finally spoke up.”

The leader of the free world has come for pretty much everything that wasn’t created in his image. He has come for immigrants, women, people of color, Muslims, decency, the rule of law and now he has come for our republic.

Make no mistake about it. He disagrees with the core principle upon which this country was founded. To the leader of the free world, all men are not created equal.

The next supporter I hear say they made a mistake in voting for this man will be the first. I have given up trying to understand what, exactly, they are supporting.

Ronald Reagan said, “Simple-minded appeasement or wishful thinking about our adversaries is folly…”

The hero of the right warned us about this traitor who occupies the Oval Office and yet his acolytes continue to carry the traitor’s water and excuse his psychosis.

I pray that if Niemoller were to write his poem today, it would end with: “We came for the Emperor, the Savior, the Dictator and the God and those protecting him let us have him.”

Chris Grey

Ivy Hill Road, July 17