Letter: The tolls are coming

To the Editor:

After a spate of bad weather, the past Sunday would have been a beautiful day to take a ride.  But wait. The DOT in their infinite wisdom is doing road work on a Sunday.

Well, one might say we will avoid the highways they are working on. Except, they were doing work on various sections of 84, 95, 15 — not many options left, if you had plans to use any of those roads to get to your final destination.

We can also assume that this will result in overtime costs. Also if you never thought that they would be doing work on a Sunday, you would find yourself stuck in mile-long backups. We, for years, have seen their incompetence, just look up the road on 84 in Waterbury the project has been going on it seems forever.  

How long have the Jersey barriers been up in the Westport area of the Merritt Parkway? They narrow the lanes making it difficult to navigate in heavy traffic. This will be the department that all the toll revenues will be entrusted to. Trust me, after the last election, the tolls are coming.  Yes. Our infrastructure needs rebuilding, but not entirely because the legislature robbed the transportation fund, but because of mismanagement in the DOT, with overruns, mismanaged projects, and a bureaucracy that feeds on itself. The acronym DOT, really should stand for: D-elay O-vertime T-rafficjams.  

I hope that the new administration will look at the department and try to make substantial changes in its operations, before imposing another tax on us. Yes, a toll is another form of a tax.

Dick Moccia

Highcliff Terrace, Nov. 11