Letter: The straight poop

To the Editor:

In a recent editorial in The Press, Ridgefield plans to spend $48 million to replace our antiquated sewage treatment plant. This, of course, will result in doubling the sewer fees.

I just received my current sewer bill for $470. That’s up from $440 last year. I expect my future bill to rise to at least $940.

Here’s the rub, while I understand the need to improve the town’s vital infrastructure, I don’t understand why the new $48-million sewage treatment plant would not accommodate future growth. The town is growing. Just wait until Oct. 4 when the 830-g affordable housing moratorium ends.

My guess, that $940 will cavalierly escalate.

So where does it end? My best guess would be somewhere on South Street.

Greg Kabasakalian

Washington Avenue, Sept. 22