Letter: The land of bullies

To the Editor:

For more than a generation, we have made a concerted effort to teach our children about bullying.

Kids are bombarded with anti-bullying messages in school, in the media and at home in the hope that, one day, no one suffers the heartbreak of being bullied. We have done a pretty good job defining actions that constitute bullying, how to react to bullying and how to stand up for others who are bullied. We have made huge strides in stemming what has been the scourge of school-age children throughout our history.

Sadly, we have completely ignored these lessons and fail to apply them in our own lives.

Turn on the news or attend a public meeting and incidents of bullying are everywhere — yet no one calls it out for what it is.  

Masked mobs “protesting” speakers, people shouting out at public meetings, writers and talking heads mocking people for physical attributes, social media “debates,” etc. — these all clearly meet the definition of “bullying” that we are teaching our children.  

Our entire political system these days seems to be nothing more than a series of bullying incidents, one right after the other, and in many cases, the media seems to be not only applauding them, but perpetrating them as well.  

Yet by failing to recognize these incidents in the “adult” world for what they are, we inadvertently teach our children the worst lesson of all: Not only is bullying acceptable, but that hypocrisy is as well.     

Robert Jewell