Letter: The glass slipper doesn’t fit

To the Editor:

This Tuesday (Oct. 16), we will have our third hearing on the Ridgefield Winter Club special permit application.

During the first hearing, we heard about the plans for this immense project. During the second hearing, we heard from the town peer review and the neighbors’ attorney and experts how this proposal does not meet Ridgefield’s special permit criteria regulations from an environmental, engineering and town-planning perspective.  

On Tuesday night, we will hear from the applicant how they view that an outdoor hockey rink will not create excessive noise or light for a community that borders a town open space (followed by public comment).

Although our town allows non-residential entities in our residential zones, regulations require that they fit in with the character of the neighborhood by being “in harmony” with “the district in which” they are “located.”  

Once again, the club will be stretching all limits of our imagination that the noise and outdoor 40’ lighting (55 feet high with property elevation) will not disrupt a neighborhood of three acre-zoning, town open space, a neighborhood devoid of street lighting and the ecosystem.  There is no doubt that this is not harmonious with our Peaceable section of town (nor does the parking lot, rink and its related equipment, bar, bowling alley, party room, etc.).

As each hearing passes, it becomes impossible to think that our Planning and Zoning Commission could approve a project that does not meet so many of its own special permit criteria.  

The bottom line is the Ridgefield Winter Club complex does not fit into the glass slipper of Peaceable Street.

Lisa McEvoy

Peaceable Street, Oct. 8