Letter: The bully and the ice rink

To the Editor:

Mr. Hansen, I have sat by while you ranted about the Winter Club. I have watched you blame any and all who simply disagree with you. I didn’t like it, but while I live near the Winter Club, I do not live as close as you do, and so have held my peace in the name of the democratic process and civil discourse. But with your last letter, you have stepped over the line, and like any bully, need to be challenged.
Who are you to malign people for doing their jobs, or trying to optimize the sale of property just because they don’t share your view? Would it surprise you to know that neighbors would like to share their support of the club but are concerned about what you will say about them? You have gone too far, and I am not afraid. I support the Winter Club.   
Yes, there are pros and cons to the club and its location — there always are when something new is introduced to the town. The Aldrich Museum and The Ridgefield Playhouse were both met with some opposition when they were proposed, as were lights at Tiger Hollow and the Ridgebury cell tower.

When we moved into Westmoreland in 1967 people were still lamenting the loss of all of that farmland. I imagine that went for Twin Ridge and Mimosa, too. To all of the families that accepted these additions against their wishes, I thank you for putting our community first.   
And Mr. Hansen, that goes for you, too. Should the zoning board, after careful and fair deliberation, decide to allow the Winter Club to move forward, then I thank you for the sacrifices that you and your family will make.
Let’s all remember that we are neighbors and members of a single community and will remain so after the vote is taken.

Suni Pedersen Harford

Peaceable Hill Road, Oct. 28