Letter: The anti-Trump campaign

To the Editor:

The barrage of lies by the anti-Trump writers to this newspaper is getting to be pathetic. Tom Madden: “Our new president has decided that every Muslim is a terrorist and every Mexican is a criminal and a rapist.” “He’s told us to forget compassion, generosity, and fairness.” Please cite the speeches where President Trump has said these words. You can’t because he didn’t. He has always said: “Not all Muslims … not all Mexicans …” but this you choose to ignore. His generosity and compassion is well known by many, but he doesn’t brag about it. Like the time he flew a sick child from California to New York for medical treatment when none of the airlines would allow the boy’s needed equipment on board.

Or Chris Belden accusing Trump of: “… appointing extremists to cabinet posts.” Since when is upholding the rule of law and the Constitution extremist positions? The extremists were easily found in the Obama administration when they tried to get the Justice Dept. to shut down freedom of speech for those who didn’t buy into the manmade climate change theory … or the use of the IRS to persecute conservative organizations. Didn’t see any complaints from liberals then. He also accuses Trump of having Putin as his puppet master. All the illegal surveillance during the campaign has produced no evidence of any collusion with the Russians. It’s entirely made-up to delegitimize Trump.

Note Christina Ungaro’s claim that rolling back some of the EPA regulations will increase our health risks. So stopping the EPA from calling a puddle on your property a “navigable water” will damage your health? To claim climate change is the cause of the Syrian war is beyond ridiculous. No administration, liberal or conservative, can affect our climate, but both ideologies are all in on clean air and water.

Linda Lavelle