Letter: The Alzheimer’s memory machine

To the Editor:

On Sunday, Sept. 10, at 10 a.m., there will be the very first Danbury area Walk for Alzheimer’s at WCSU’s West Campus.

Mayor Mark Boughton and I will co-chair this walk. But you do not need to hear about the terrible costs, facts, and figures.

At least not yet.

You need to hear the voices of the caregivers, and the children who have to deal with this epidemic.

Below is a letter that touched my heart from Trevor Belot, 10 years old:

“Have you ever imagined a world without Alzheimer’s? This world would be great since my grandpa has the disease. One way that I would change the world after college is to make a helmet that could talk into and I could tell me patients about all the things they can’t remember.

“When they put the helmet on, it will stimulate the nerves in their head and all the lost memories will be received. Patients will be able to remember all the people they love when they see their faces, places they have been, songs they have sung, and things they have done. When they have this helmet on, they will immediately remember their past.

“When they have the helmet on, a wire connects to my microphone and I could tell my grandpa everything, but if he is starting to forget he can put it back on his head and it will have a recording of what I said. This is not a real cure for Alzheimer’s but it can help Alzheimer’s patients families who deal with this disease.

“I really hope it works because my grandpa has it and I hope he remembers us when he uses it. It is sad that he does not remember anything in his life...even me.”

Scott Russell