Letter: Thank you, Boys & Girls Club

To the Editor: 

Ah, the sound of screaming children.

Yes, sometimes it can be a wee bit annoying if you work in town to hear the hoards of children on Thursdays as the Boys and Girls Club of Ridgefield does their weekly summer camp in-town lunch. But mostly it makes me smile.


First of all if you see the kids — and not just hear them — it is undeniable, Ridgefield is full of truly adorable children.

Second- and more importantly, I smile because I love the BGCR. My son is a lifetime member (meaning he started attending after school in first grade).

I am eternally grateful for the friends, family and guidance he has found there. Even if I did not work, I would want him to spend his after-school hours there. The Boys & Girls Club team is truly one of Ridgefield’s greatest assets.

This year, my son is old enough to be a summer camp LIT (Leader in Training). I have not asked him flat out, but I can pretty much tell by the daily joy on his face: Best summer ever!

As summer camp rolls to an end, I just wanted to say a really big thank you to everyone at BGCR. You are awesome!

Oh, and thank you as well to everyone who works in town and does not have kids in the program. You will have your quiet lunches back soon.

Elizabeth Disalvo

White Birch Road, Aug. 10