Letter: Temporary vendor permits compete with local businesses

To the Editor:

The recent article in The Press announced the awarding of permit for an out-of-town ice cream truck operator. It was also stated that the fees for this would be $50/event, totaling $1,250/year for the Friends of Ballard Park. Does this make sense?

We regularly read articles in the Press about how we should encourage new businesses in the downtown district. Does issuing temporary permits for businesses that compete with those in town help achieve this goal?

We have several businesses in town that would apparently lose sales based on the issuing of temporary permits. We, as a town, owe it to protect them.  

Our town businesses:

  1. Have chosen to invest in Ridgefield.
  2. Contribute rent and property taxes in Ridgefield
  3. Employ Ridgefielders
  4. Support other in town charitable organizations

If we want to keep the existing businesses in Ridgefield, please join me in supporting them.

Tom Carnazza

Ridgefield, June 5