Letter: Teachers are more valuable than iPads

To the Editor:

I recently reviewed the 2018-19 Superintendent’s Recommended Operating Budget presentation.  

Do any of you remember with fondness any special administrators who made a difference for you when you were a student? Is there a particular computer software program or type of “screen” that you feel made you successful in your chosen profession? I would argue that classroom teachers are the most likely professionals to inspire students, to open their minds, to actually help them learn.

The first educational priority of the board (as stated in the presentation) is “… to support personalized, relevant, and engaging teaching and learning opportunities.” Cutting teaching positions goes against Priority 1! Providing our elementary school-aged children with full-time art teachers to teach them how to express themselves through art or to appreciate art is more important than providing them with iPads. Providing our high school-aged children with enough English teachers to hold writing conferences is more important than math instructional software or a “school dismissal manager.”

Please re-examine your definition of “nonessential” when deciding which items to cut from the budget.

Yvonne Ruddy-Stein

Ridgefield, Feb. 4