Letter: Tax reform benefits will prove to be popular

To the Editor:

Democrat resistance to tax reform is about political power. Their hackneyed arguments about fairness completely ignore the many benefits of tax reform. The primary benefit is that tax reform allows citizens to keep more of their money, giving ordinary people greater ability to solve their problems. Tax reform’s benefits will be popular.

Take my business. My partner and I have a modest but ambitious business that, with the proposed tax reforms, will allow us to do more of what we do, and at a faster pace. We purchase dilapidated homes foreclosed by local tax authorities due to failure to pay property taxes. We do comprehensive renovations — roofs, furnaces, hot water heaters, windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, exterior and interior painting, plumbing, electric, etc. We rent the properties to needy families in the inner city. One such family (a mother with five children all under the age of 13) came from a homeless shelter; they are very happy in their new home. Several of our tenants tell us, “We are never leaving.”

So, risking our own capital, our business 1) creates jobs 2) supports other local businesses 3) creates nice places for families to live, and 4) converts tax-delinquent properties into tax-paying properties to support local schools. People may not care about the nuances of tax reform, but they do understand the benefit of a more secure job, higher revenues for their business, a nicer place to live and a better school for their children.

Chris Murray

Ivy Hill Road, Dec. 3