Letter: Tax assessor uses flawed auto valuations

To the Editor:

Every year I get my notice for motor vehicle tax, and every year I appeal the amount of the tax. It is 2017 and yet again I am appealing my car as the method the tax assessor uses for valuation is flawed. Mr. Garzi says he cannot change the method but DMV says otherwise?

Mr. Garzi informed me that I had to pay at least 75% of the tax and then get a refund or pay additional after the appeal hearing. The tax collector charges you interest (36%) on the unpaid balance. It seems the assessor and collector have no communications regarding appeals.

The appeal hearing is Sept. 21 from 7 to p.m. in the assessor’s office.

I’m sure most tax recipients value of their vehicles is incorrect, the mileage and condition of the car have a huge influence on value.

Ridgefield’s Assessor does not publicize appeals and it took me many inquiries to get the date of the hearing.

John Burke

Aug. 16