Letter: Tax and spend

To the Editor:
With no end is the Democratic Party.
They nickle and dime you to death, always trying to take from Peter to pay who knows where it all goes? Certainly not what they say it’s for.
Now they feel the cure would be tolls. Even our first selectman supports tolls. They promised us it would only be for commercial traffic and out of state drivers.
Well that didn’t last long, now tolls will be for everyone, however Connecticut residents will pay a reduced rate. So we should be happy!
Let’s do the math, they propose two tolls from Ridgefield to Costco/ Walmart/ Home Depot, at a reduced rate of .25 cents per toll. It would cost a local person a dollar to make the round trip. Now a dollar does not seem like much to most Democrats, but if you are a person on a fixed or tight budget, that’s $52 a year.
Before tax dollars you had to make $70 to pay for this one trip. Okay maybe we are lucky and we only get one toll. It’s still $26. Now if you have a daily commute, or you are a local business owner, delivery company, service man, you name it, the cost of doing business, and living here is going up.
Moving to Ridgefield 30 years ago, you could afford to raise a family and grow old here. We weren’t the transient community we have become.
My taxes have more than tripled, and now we are faced with another 1.24% increase. The powers that control the strings sell it like it’s a bargain.
Again, it sounds like a little but over time it adds up. The Democrats say they are for the little guy when in fact their policies are what’s hurting the people they say they are trying to help.
Don’t be fooled!
Eric Horsa
Langstroth Drive, May 13