Letter: Tale of the 900 daffodil bulbs

To the Editor:

On Nov. 13, 2013, The Ridgefield Press published an article, Thousand of Daffodils will celebrate club’s century.

Planting  9,150 daffodil bulbs throughout Ridgefield was led by a local garden club to honor the club’s 100 years of existence. It was a wonderful article and described the volunteer activities of  a few teams who helped plant the bulbs. Notably, GIrl Scout Troop 50567, Ridgefield Parks and Rec and other volunteers combined to plant over 900 bulbs on both sides of the new pedestrian bridge along Route 35.

Well, for those of us who sat through long traffic delays and viewed the slow completion of the bridge we know why they never bloomed — the bridge.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea for the state and or the general contractor to plant bulbs as they work to complete the project? If they balk, how about John Frey, Toni Boucher, or even Rudy Marconi, try to apply some pressure?

Then we can look at yellow daffodil blooms and forget about orange construction cones and rusted equipment.

John P. Gardell Jr.

South Shore Drive, April 29