To the Editor:
It’s disappointing to read that the town has decided to sweep the baseball field fire under the rug just because some money came in.
I think the people responsible should have come forward and taken ownership rather than hiding behind their big bank accounts. Shame on the town for allowing this coverup to take place. Students could have been hurt. We’re just going to give everyone a free pass?
The perception of stupidity and corruption will take a while to erase from our town’s reputation. And it’s no guarantee that it will ever go away.
The only good news to come from this is that the taxpayers won’t be the ones footing the bill, as one letter writer wondered in your paper recently.
I won’t debate the point of anonymity any further as the police and town leadership have made their decision and it’s final. But I will say power this absolute should give us something to fear.
The only message I can takeaway from this situation is that it’s OK to hide the truth as long as there’s enough money to go around to conceal it. Now there’s a scary thought.
Are we really supposed to act as if nothing ever happened?
George Carruth
West Mountain Road, April 28