Letter: Taking accountability for field fire

To the Editor:
Regarding the recent the baseball field fire article, written by Macklin Reid, the essence of which seemed to be for us to be kinder, gentler humans and not pursue this any further. I believe that most residents, like myself, have no desire to burn anyone at the stake, be mean, or to question the donors’ motives.
The issue is not the donors, but who were the people responsible, and why this information is being buried.
We publish many other relevant bits of public information —why not this?
This occurred 200 feet from the police station, with many witnesses, and videos.
My sense of the collective frustration is that it seemed that no matter what happened —that this was going to be swept under the rug. Now the convenient excuse is that the State Attorney has said charges do not need to be pursued if there was full restitution.
Same old story — if you have friends with deep pockets —problems go away. If not, you get charged.
I believe most people would have been satisfied with a simple article explaining what happened, who did it, their sincere expression of regret for such poor judgement, and the happy conclusion of full restitution and no charges. Much more satisfying and appropriate.
Please have the collective courage and decency to take responsibility for actions that made us a regional laughing stock.
Jeff Armstrong
Sunset Lane, May 20