Letter: Take responsibility

To the Editor:

The following was submitted to The Press as an open letter to John Frey, state representative for the 111th District, encompassing Ridgefield south of Canterbury Lane/George Washington Highway:

It is long past time for you to stop passively fretting and start taking responsibility; stop hoping and start doing.

On Thursday, June 21, in reference to the Trump Administration’s suspension of its barbaric policy of seizing and imprisoning the children of asylum seekers, you posted on Facebook, “Hopefully the cruelty in separating families ends.”

Hopefully? You are a member of the Republican National Committee (RNC) that sets policy, strategy, and fund raising for the entire Republican Party. Nationwide, there are 55 million registered Republicans, but just 169 RNC members. You are one of the 0.0003% super-elite of the Republican Party. There are far fewer RNC members than there are Republican members of Congress. There is no more exclusive or influential Republican group than the RNC.

On the same day you posted your “hope” that family separation would end, Trump Administration Cabinet officials told Congress that Trump might reinstate family separation and has no plans to return any of the thousands of children already imprisoned and stolen from their parents. What are you doing to ensure that Trump reunites the already-separated families and never reinstates his monstrous policy? When will you publicly threaten to withhold RNC funding and support from GOP officials who fail to quickly reverse and rectify Trump’s crime against humanity? You are not a spectator. You are a top GOP decision-maker, influencer and allocator of funds — you hold the purse strings for your entire party! For the sake of human decency, stop “hoping” and start using your power to curb the depredations of the Republican Party you lead and the president you funded and elected.

Keitha Kinne

Great Hill Road, June 24