Letter: Sweeping field fire under the rug highlights disintegration of values

To the Editor:
In two short weeks, we went from prosecuting this heinous crime to sweeping it under the rug. Before the gasoline had even dried, we were told the cost of the cleanup would be $50,000, no town employees were involved, it did not look like student vandalism, and our police department was going to pursue every lead to find the offenders, but fear not, our insurance company was going to cover it. There was a repeated complaint that “no one has stepped forward to take responsibility.” Within two days, the superintendent put three coaches on administrative leave, “out of an abundance of caution.”
Who started the ridiculous rumor it might be student vandalism? It was never student vandalism. It was always adult stupidity.
In a Press photo, adults are standing around five or six gas cans. Where did they come from? Do they store that much gas at the field? Do the Amity parents go to games with a gas can just in case?
However, none of this matters anymore. People have made donations to make this all disappear. The police department has stopped investigating because the town is not going to press charges, even though the BoS never voted on that. The coaches are back at work, with their reputations tarnished forever. The insurance company was never going to cover our stupidity.
What are we telling our young people? Money will buy having to take responsibility. Money will sweep anything under the rug. This is the flip side of Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman buying their kids into college. “It’s okay you didn’t study in high school. Our money will take care of that.”
Values and norms are disintegrating around us every day from Washington to Ridgefield. We are on a bad trajectory.
Ed Tyrrell
17 Pond Road, April 21