Letter: Superintendent’s budget explanation is incoherent

To the Editor:

I attended the Board of Education public hearing on their budget request. The superintendent is asking for a 3.48% increase. She used the following words to explain the increase.  

External factors and mandates are making it difficult to create a sustainable budget, but they will still be able to incrementally move forward driving continuous improvement through strategic coherence utilizing responsible classrooms.  

The schools have determined the vision of a successful graduate. They will accomplish this by elevating leadership, but first they must grow the ability of teachers who believe in our core beliefs and shared purpose.

If we go along with this budget, we will get highly engaging and relevant learning that produces cultural proficiency, global awareness, higher order and rigorous thinking because it is authentic. We must preserve fidelity of preschool instruction that includes unified sports with a commitment to teaming.  

We need this because we have a global, knowledge-based economy that requires highly engaging, relevant, and personalized learning. This will be accomplished by social, emotional learning because they have taken Dynamics of 3D Design which will ensure their digital citizenship. Only then will we get future ready students.

This is how the superintendent explained what we will get if we agree to a 3.48% budget increase. I do not understand a word of it. If you are as dumb as I am, please give me a call.

Ed Tyrrell