Letter: Students don’t need later start times

To the Editor:

Again, and almost every recent year, we are reading about all the ideas and studies going on at taxpayers’ expense with regard to delaying school start time for our high school students by approximately half an hour. The administrative time this has taken, along with planning costly re-routing of all the buses, have added even more expense. This is enough!

We are grandparents, having raised our children through all their school years, and now have five of our grandchildren attending various high schools. None of them want their school days to begin later, as they all have after-school activities: sports, music, jobs, homework, etc. Also, we would not want to see young primary grade students finally coming home on a bus at 5 in the early evening to accommodate the later high school start time.

Parents: Do not give town government what should be your responsibility. If your high school students cannot get themselves to bed at a reasonable time in the evening, then help them! Set a bedtime for them and enforce it, leaving all electronic devices on the kitchen table till breakfast … yes, breakfast before going to school, which will give them the energy they need.

Raymond and Catherine Sementini