Letter: Store management ignored animal cruelty incident

To the Editor:

When loading my car on a recent sweltering, hot day at a store in Georgetown, I noticed two little dogs left alone in the car next to mine. Two windows were cracked a bit, but that surely had little effect on their distress. Another patron saw this, too. Both of us went back into the store to report the problem and ask the management to call the police. They refused. When we pressed them, they shoved a phone at us and told us to call if we wished. We did.

The police told us they would send a car out, and requested the management of the store to page the owners of the dogs, using the license plate number we gave them. Again, this was refused — not their policy, they said.

Clearly, the store is more concerned with alienating a customer than with saving the lives of helpless animals. Outraged, I left, having done what I could to come to their aid. But this store did not succeed in keeping a customer. They may have kept the owners of the dogs, but they certainly lost my business.

Name withheld

Ridgefield, June 1