Letter: Staying connected, far from home

To the Editor:

A great perk of being from a small town like Ridgefield is the sense of community.

This extends not only to the sweet shops on Main Street (or “Sweet Shoppe” in the case of Deborah Ann’s), but also to the digital world. The town’s Facebook page is a college student’s dream for staying connected to home while being hundreds of miles away.

There has been a wide variety of content posted by residents: where to go for the best burger, complaints of pet owners neglecting to clean up behind their dogs, or truly heated debates between high school students and adults about administrative issues — you name it.

While much of this news might seem trivial to a college student off in Chapel Hill, I am happy to say that the Facebook page makes me feel connected to the town I grew up in.

I feel so lucky to come from a place where people complain about dog poop rather than housing crises, crime rates or resource insecurities. I love hearing about a happy experience and recommendation at a local business or about a cool program at the Ridgefield Library.

At 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students, my university boasts a greater population than the town of Ridgefield. I often miss the sense of community felt at home. Even with a full course load and involvement in multiple activities and organizations, it can be easy to feel like just a number amidst the crowd.

Connecting with the Ridgefield, CT Facebook page reminds me that I come from a community that relies on one another and shares in experiences. It keeps me linked to home and the small town values I so cherish.

Brooke Murad,

RHS Class of 2015